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OWE’s Linda Joy Kattwinkel is co-presenter for The Graphic Artists Guild webinar, “Inspiration or Infringement,” with artist Peter Folkens, which will air Wednesday, June 25 at 11am (Pacific).  Details about the program, including how to register, are available here.   Guild members can join the webinar for free; the fee for non-members is $45.

According to the program description: “We are all influenced by each other’s work. But where is the line between being inspired and illegal copying?  Is it okay to mimic famous brands? What about working from photographs? Is it safe to scan images from the web if we digitally alter them? Can we use old images, or works from other countries?  When is something in the “public domain”?  This webinar will explore these questions and other legal issues facing visual artists today, featuring a rich visual presentation of infringing and non-infringing case studies through side-by-side comparisons.”

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