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Now in its 26th year, the Saul Lefkowitz Moot Court Competition is a prestigious, nationally-recognized annual event, with law school teams throughout the country participating. It is hosted by the International Trademark Association with the aim of helping law students sharpen their trial and advocacy skills in the field of trademark and unfair competition law. 

OWE has been a strong supporter of the Lefkowitz competition from its inception.  Most of its attorneys have served as regional oral argument judges.  OWE’s John C. Baum is past national chair of INTA’s Lefkowitz Committee and was part of the winning national championship team in 1991, the first year of the competition.

This year’s winner of the national competition – beating out 70 teams from law schools across the country – was a team from the University of San Francisco School of Law – see “USF Law Team Wins National Moot Court Competition.” The winning team included Nguyen La, captain of the team, Daniel Gaitan, Jeff Hughes, and Liam McNamara.

OWE’s Larry Townsend and Emily Poole are proud alums of USF Law and, along with Emily’s husband, IP litigator Erik Shallman, who is also an alum, were part of the student/alumni coaching team that listened to and provided critiques on the competitors’ arguments in the run up to the National finals in Washington, D. C. on March 18, 2017.



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