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Napa and Sonoma are Back in Business: Support Your Local Wineries Over the Holidays

The tragic fires that ravaged Napa and Sonoma counties in October deeply touched all of us here at OWE.  The wineries and vineyards of many of our clients were directly impacted and even those untouched by the fires are now actively dealing with the aftermath.  No one in the Napa/Sonoma region is untouched.  It’s inspiring to us to see how the people in these communities have come together — first to fight the fires and then to support each other in rebuilding efforts. 

We’ve received many hopeful and forward-looking emails from clients who are back and open for business. They all are ready to supply and entertain their regular customers, and hopefully new ones as well.  We suggest you consider giving wine from our local wine country for Christmas this year.  That will directly help the area to recover from the devastating fires.  And a visit with friends to a few of the delightful wineries during the holidays would be fun for you and great for the recovery of the community. Thanks for doing what you can to contribute to the recovery of this wonderful region.

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