Client Spotlight


Jim Marshall Photos Chronicle the “Summer of Love”

Jim Marshall, the legendary jazz and rock’n’roll photographer, was an OWE client from the mid 1990’s until his death in 2010. To this day the firm continues to preserve and burnish his reputation on behalf of Jim Marshall Photography, LLC.  

The year 2017 marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Summer of Love in San Francisco.  On January 26, 2017 the exhibition, “Jim Marshall’s 1967,” opened on the ground floor of San Francisco City Hall, presented  by Jim Marshall Photography and the San  Francisco Arts Commission Galleries.

OWE’s Larry Townsend attended the opening along with a large and enthusiastic crowd. The show presents 89  photographs taken by Marshall from January through December of 1967.  The press release notes:

“The exhibition at City Hall features a selection of 80 images from the thousands Marshall took in one fast-paced calendar year. Presented in chronological order, visitors can follow the artist as he shoots album covers for Jefferson Airplane, cavorts at home with Janis Joplin, shoots in the middle of a mass of Hell’s Angels and gets impossibly close onstage with Jimi Hendrix. Marshall was dearly loved and respected by musicians of all genres. He spent his life documenting jazz, folk and then rock and roll, and was living and working in San Francisco when California bands like Moby Grape, Buffalo Springfield, The Charlatans, Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead were at the forefront of solidifying a cultural movement that had its heyday in 1967.”

Amelia Davis, curator of  the exhibition, speaking on behalf of Marshall Photography, underscored that Jim Marshall was not  just a legendary music photographer with over 500 album covers, many of them iconic. In fact, he is the only photographer ever to be recognized by the Grammies, a post-mortem Trustees Award in 2014.  Davis said that he always turned the camera on the crowd or wandered around in search of  cultural revelations.  More on Jim’s life and legacy here:

The exhibition runs through June 17, and then goes to Los Angeles where  it will be installed at the Grammy Museum as part of the continuing celebration of the Summer of Love.