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CLIENT ALERT:  If you have large collections of unpublished works, you need to follow the new rules to register a group of them under one copyright registration.

Under a new rule issued by the Copyright Office, the old option for registering an unlimited number of unpublished works as a collection under one registration certificate was eliminated on March 15th, 2019. After that date, group registrations for unpublished works are limited to 10 works. A new application form called “Group of Unpublished Works” is required. The only exceptions are for group registration of photographs, which will still be accepted for up to 750 photographs using the special form for photographers, and certain types of unpublished sound recordings, which can be registered in groups of up to 10 sound recordings together with the musical work (composition), dramatic work, or literary work embodied in each recording. OW&E can guide you through the new group registration process and other options for registering groups of works.

— Contributed by Linda Joy Kattwinkel

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