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OWE’s Linda Joy Kattwinkel was quoted in a law.com article on April 17, 2018, “WHOIS—Web Tool Used by IP Attorneys, Law Enforcement—In Peril After EU Privacy Regulators Reject Proposed Fix.”  The WHOIS directory tracks information about the identify of those registering web domains and has been a useful tool for intellectual property lawyers and law enforcement to help fight online infringement of trademarks and copyrights.  The directory may be shut down in May because it is not compliant with new privacy law in the European Union.  

Linda Joy commented for the article, “We do use WHOIS quite a bit to figure out who’s behind online infringement.” OWE represents large brands like Sanrio’s “Hello Kitty” as well as independent artists.  If the WHOIS directory is shuttered, practitioners will have to look to other more time-consuming means of identifying infringers.

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